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Polaroid / Polaroid expands its range of eyewear products with a new collection of optical frames

Polaroid Eyewear, a worldwide leader in eyecare and optics since 1937, expands its range of eyewear products by launching a new collection of optical frames, offering maximum comfort and an avant-garde design.

Polaroid, a pioneer in polarized lens technology, has become a renowned global eyewear brand, trusted all over the world for its reputation built on premium-quality materials, skillful manufacturing techniques, and commitment to design and innovation. The brand offers cutting-edge, easy-to-wear, durable glasses at accessible prices.

Like the brand’s sunglasses collection, the new optical frames are also specially designed to meet the specific needs of its customers, who can take their pick from a wide range of products that combine a unique design with utmost comfort and style.

These glasses, dedicated to men or women who are looking for functionality and comfort, are perfect for everyday activities. Comfortable and easy-to-wear, these optical frames ensure a perfect fit and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, to reflect the tastes and preferences of the most discerning customers.

PLD 1P 003
These bold, rectangular-shaped acetate men’s glasses are characterized by a metal insert on the temples bearing the engraved Polaroid logo. Available in classic color combinations in tones of black-ruthenium, matte black-ruthenium, Havana-bronze, brown-gold.

PLD 1P 007
Slim, ultra-flat profiles and a large, slightly arched silhouette for this men’s plastic optical frame with metal temples which is enlivened by an embossed geometric pattern. Offered in an understated color palette: black-ruthenium, Havana-ruthenium, and burgundy-black.

PLD 1P 011
Ultra-lightweight and versatile: this new optical frame for women plays with shapes and lines, combining comfort with a sophisticated flair. The rectangular plastic front is perfectly matched with ultra-slim curved metal temples, available in glamorous nuances of beige-lilac, transparent-cyclamen, strawberry-brown, gray-palladium.

PLD 1P 009
This new metal optical frame flaunts a rigorous, geometric design and clean, simple lines, yet conveys an undeniably feminine appeal, thanks to its soft cat-eye silhouette and slimming temples. This model also comes in a sophisticated brushed metal version in classic shades of burgundy, black and brown.

These glasses are designed for women who want to choose their style and stand out from the crowd. Refined textures and precious detailing adorn the temples, lending an aura of discreet, timeless elegance to the new eyewear models.

PLD 2P 001
With their unique shape and innovative materials, these metal glasses are full of character: the front offers slim profiles framing the nylon lenses, while the temples are embellished with an embossed geometric rhomboidal pattern. Available in glamorous, dazzling hues: brown, brown-pink, light gold.

This eyewear line is dedicated to young trendsetters who express themselves through fashion and wear glasses as a cool, must-have accessory to show off their style. Vibrant colors, new shapes and a unique mix of styles and materials: the new optical frames for teenagers set the latest fashion trends, rather than follow.

PLD 3S 002
A large, oversize front and ultra-slim temples: this acetate optical frame for young men plays with shapes and proportions. This clean, simple design is highlighted by a lively color palette in definitive shades of blue, black and Havana, or in transparent tones of yellow and red.

PLD 3S 007
These new glasses for teenage boys have a bold spirit and thick profiles, on which the Polaroid logo clearly stands out. This model comes in gloss black and dark Havana, as well as in stunning color combinations, such as mud-red and purple-brown.

Functional and easy-to-wear, these optical frames are the right choice for sports lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for unparalleled performance and comfort. With their rubber details and steel inserts these models ensure utmost comfort in any situation.

PLD 4S 001
This optical frame has ultra-slim profiles for an ethereal, lightweight feel and maximum functionality with a slim, ultra-flat front and temples that are perfectly combined with nylon lenses. Offered in an alluring interplay of tonal colors including bronze-black, semi-matte ruthenium, matte black, palladium-white.

PLD 4P 005
This men’s metal optical frame is perfect for any face shape and for any occasion: the temples are internally covered in a non-slip plastic material that ensures a snug fit and keeps the glasses in place. A stylish cutout running along the temples lends a lightweight feel to the model, available in bronze-black, ruthenium-blue, ruthenium-ivory and matte black.

The POLAROID collection of optical frames is produced by the Safilo Group.

Polaroid Eyewear is a worldwide leader in eye-care and optics and a pioneering international eyewear brand that owes its name to the invention that changed the world of technology and optics: polarized lenses. Polaroid, since it was established by Edwin Land in 1937, has strengthened its reputation as a leading brand in polarized lenses thanks to the exclusive ThermofusionTM technology. Today, Polaroid produces and distributes its polarized sunglasses, Clip-ons, SuncoversTM and optical frames worldwide through its owner subsidiaries and its network of exclusive distributors. The brand joined the Safilo Group in April 2012. For further information:

Polaroid supports Sightsavers, an international charity, in preventing eye problems and improving eye health as well as the lives of people in the world’s poorest countries, ensuring access to quality eye care for all.

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