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Fendi / Fendi - Spring Summer 2014 Collection

 Fendi presents its Spring/Summer 2014 eyewear collection, produced and distributed by Safilo Group, showcasing exclusive sunglasses and optical frames dedicated to the contemporary, unequivocally feminine woman.
The new collection includes sophisticated models featuring unique shapes and iconic detailing, such as the Fendi monogram, the legendary striped “Pequin” motif and the celebrated 2Jours decoration.
Skillful manufacturing techniques enhance the new glasses’ premium quality materials, such as Optyl and exclusive acetate, celebrating the House’s perfect savoir-faire and timeless elegance.
The color palette consists of refined shades and edgy color contrasts highlighted by an alluring interplay of materials, jewel-like details and shaded or mirrored lenses.
The new collection will be available at Fendi boutiques, high-end opticians and quality department stores starting January 2014.


(Mod. FF 0031/S)
Irresistible and iconic, these sunglasses are inspired by the House’s celebrated Baguette bag.
The Baguette bag, which was launched in 1997, has become a must-have accessory in the New Millennium, as well as a symbol of timeless elegance and style.
With their multifaceted dimensions, straight, clean-cut upper front profile and softly rounded lower front profile, the brand’s new numbered limited edition sunglasses celebrate the legendary bag’s refined allure.
The temples are embellished with a jewel-like metal detail bearing the iconic Fendi monogram, which resembles the buckle on the famous Baguette bag; one can opt for the semi-precious tiger’s eye or snowflake stone version for a glam-chic appeal or the two-tone version in understated hues of black/tobacco or black/gray, for a sophisticated twist.
These unique sunglasses come in tones of black with tobacco stripes and shaded lenses and black/mélange gray with shaded gray lenses.

(Mod. FF 0029/S and FF 0030)
Eye-catching and stunning, two frames blend together as one to create these dazzling sunglasses and this optical frame, making them irresistibly unique. The Color-Block models are a perfect combination of contrasting dimensions and colors, smooth lines and multifaceted profiles, enlivened by transparent hues and refined shades of havana. These exclusive hand-made acetate glasses feature a large silhouette and slim metal temples emphasized by the flat hinge on the initial part of the temples and contrasting colors on the acetate temple tips.
Opal and transparent shades enhance the unique interplay of materials characterizing these models.
The sunglasses are available in transparent salmon/gray havana with gold temples and shaded gray lenses, crystal/honey havana with gold temples and shaded brown lenses, yellow/peacock with gold yellow temples and shaded gray lenses, light blue/transparent brown with palladium temples and shaded khaki lenses.
The optical frame comes in crystal/green with ruthenium temples, light blue/transparent brown with palladium temples, opal honey/transparent gray with palladium temples and lime/dark orange with gold temples.

(Mod. FF 0026/S and FF 0028)
These acetate sunglasses and this optical frame look to the past with their vintage-inspired silhouette and retro flair, highlighted by contrasting colors on the front and temples. The softly rounded frame features understated tones of havana, while bright, vibrant shades illuminate the temples. The metal temple core has an alluring gloss, mirror-effect finish and pure, essential contours, clearly visible through the temples.
Small rivets bearing the iconic striped “Pequin” motif become the brand’s distinctive signature detail.
An edgy color palette enhances the contrast between the front’s natural shades and the temples’ vibrant, pop-inspired hues, perfectly reflecting Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2014 accessory collection.
The sunglasses come in black with transparent yellow temples and brown lenses, amber with transparent dark blue temples and shaded gray lenses, beige havana with transparent blue temples and shaded dark blue lenses, spotted havana with coral temples and brown mirrored lenses, havana with fluorescent green temples and yellow flash lenses.
The optical frame is available in black with crystal temples, amber with transparent dark blue temples, spotted gray with transparent green temples, spotted pink with transparent lilac temples and spotted havana with transparent fluorescent pink temples.

(Mod. FF 0021/S and FF 0022/S)
An inspired blend of pure, simple and essential lines and essential lends an aura of refined elegance to these exclusive glasses. The model’s large, softly rounded silhouette is enlivened by natural tones, while the metal temples are embellished with the brand’s iconic varnished metal 2Jours motif, a signature detail adorning the House’s legendary accessories, which adds a minimalist flair.
These glasses are tinged with the colors of Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2014 accessory collection: opal red with pink/palladium temples and shaded gray/brown lenses, blue with white/palladium temples and shaded gray lenses, mud with palladium/ochre temples and shaded brown lenses, black with gold/black temples and shaded dark gray lenses, havana with gold/brown temples and shaded brown lenses.

(mod. FF 0017/S)
These large, butterfly-shaped flat metal sunglasses flaunt an ultra-lightweight, essential feel and smooth silhouette. The iconic striped “Pequin” motif framing the lenses – a signature detail adorning the House’s legendary accessories – creates an alluring combination of gloss varnish- and metallic effects, highlighting the eye.
The classic black/tobacco striped “Pequin” motif decorating the temple tips adds a distinctive, discreet touch.
This model’s perfect proportions are emphasized by an elegant palette: gloss black/gold with ochre temple tips and shaded dark gray lenses, dark brown/gold with coral temple tips and shaded brown lenses, mud/burgundy with green temple tips and brick red/silver lenses, peach/air force blue with light gray temple tips and brown/gold lenses.

ICONIC APPEAL (mod. FF 0013/s and FF0015)
These acetate sunglasses and this optical frame have softly rounded cat-eye and square shapes decorated with the brand’s iconic black/tobacco striped “Pequin” motif on the initial part of the temples, perfectly combined with a precious metal hinge detail.
Bold color contrasts between the front’s classic shades and the temples’ edgy tones lend a contemporary allure to these color-blocked models: the sunglasses come in black with shaded dark gray lenses, havana with ochre temples and shaded gray/green lenses, transparent orange with blue temples and dark gray lenses, gray with pastel pink temples and shaded brown lenses, burgundy with green temples and green/gray lenses, mud with coral temples and shaded brown/gray lenses.
The optical frame is available in black, havana with ochre temples, transparent cherry with mud temples, gray with pink temples, mud with coral temples and blue with burgundy temples.

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