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Boss Orange / Boss Orange Spring/Summer 2014 Eyewear Collection


The Spring/Summer 2014 BOSS Orange Eyewear Collection showcases new sunglasses and optical frames with a contemporary flair and a trendy, urban-inspired design.


These men’s acetate sunglasses show 80s inspirations, revisited with a contemporary twist, thanks to unique detailing, such as the new “triangle hinge”, which makes the temples extremely flexible, adding not only utmost comfort but also an exclusive touch to this model. These glasses come in edgy color combinations, featuring contrasting colors on the front and on the temples and a wide selection of colors and shades for the lenses. The color combinations include shades of mélange gray/matte black with shaded blue lenses, mélange brown/brown with shaded brown lenses, mélange blue/blue with blue mirrored lenses, mélange green/green with green/yellow mirrored lenses and black/matte black with shaded brown/gray lenses.


These 70s-inspired large, square-shaped acetate sunglasses for women are embellished with an exclusive mélange-effect striped pattern which lends an aura of pure elegance to the model. The color palette includes different hues of color in various color combinations: green with black temples and shaded gray lenses, red with red temples and shaded dark gray lenses, gray with dark gray temples and blue mirrored lenses, purple with eggplant temples and gray/purple mirrored lenses, as well as total black with shaded gray lenses.


A unique appeal characterizes these large acetate sunglasses for women, featuring edgy wood-effect color-block combinations and contrasting hues on the front, highlighting the eye. The unique color palette includes wood-effect nuances of shaded black/transparent gray with shaded gray lenses, shaded brown with tone-on-tone lenses, shaded brown/purple with shaded brown lenses, and shaded brown/green with shaded brown lenses.

CITY STYLE - Mod. BO 0146

With its square silhouette and clean, essential lines, this men’s acetate optical frame has a contemporary feel and a truly urban spirit. Mélange stripes in understated tones of gray, brown, blue and green emphasize the model’s minimalist design, which is also available in total black.

YOUNG&FREE - Mod. BO 0147

This women’s easy-to-wear acetate optical frame with slim profiles provides a young, dynamic look. A unique color palette in mélange nuances of red, gray and purple as well as timeless shades of black highlight this model’s lightweight feel and casual attitude.

NEW LOOK - Mod. BO 0150

This men’s acetate optical frame features a contemporary square shape, emphasized by two-tone color combinations and an alluring interplay of wood-effect materials on the front and along the temples. This model comes in wood-effect tones of black/transparent gray, brown/transparent brown, brown/green and brown/transparent blue.

The BOSS Orange collection of sunglasses and optical frames is produced and distributed by the Safilo Group.

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